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  • Fruit Routes for Community Groups
  • Fruit Routes for Community Groups
  • Fruit Routes for Community Groups
  • Fruit Routes for Community Groups

At fruit routes we always have stimulating and fun projects for community groups to get involved with. We offer a range of great community activities to help your group have fun and bond, all while furthering a great, local cause.

Our spaces are used to bring people together and provide a range of environmental and therapeutic activities. You can participate in our projects, deliver your own or we can work together to deliver complementary activities.

Community Woodworks CIC worked with us to create the first part in a series of fantastic decking areas which provided valuable experience for their team of volunteers and we gained valuable expert help at the same time.

Another group helped with digging and weeding and they in turn enjoyed learning conservation which was delivered by the community organisation who arranged the activity.

How will your community group use our spaces?

We offer a range of community activities from tree planting, woodworking projects, orchard maintenance, afternoon teas and more for community groups to get involved with.

You can also hire our orchard space or part of it to run your own activities and therapeutic sessions.

If you or a group you know would like to give back to the community by getting involved with interesting and innovative projects we would love to hear from you.

Who is Fruit Routes for?

Fruit Routes is for everyone including community organisations who work with adults and young people who suffer from mental health issues, low confidence or special needs.

You could organise outdoor fitness sessions, a gardening group or an outdoor classroom...

How will you use our spaces? Let us know.

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