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benefits for business at fruit routes orchards

Exposure to nature, plants and the environment is proven to relieve stress, make us feel happier and more productive. Giving time to work outside can improve morale, reduce mental health issues and have a positive impact on productivity.

CSR Opportunities

Our Corporate Social Responsibility programme ensures you are giving staff the opportunity to work on social projects which give back to society whilst improving their health and well being.

Corporate Volunteer Opportunities

Our orchards always need work doing so if you are looking for an organisation to host a corporate volunteer day we would love to hear from you.

Team Training & Experience Days

We can run tailor made team building and experience days or by hosting unique events in the orchards. We can host a full day of activities including lunch for your staff in a natural and therapeutic environment.

Orchard Hire

Additionally our spaces are available for hire if you want to run your own training and team building activities.

Work Pod Hire

Our work spaces are available for hire so if you are looking to work in a natural and no frills environment then consider hiring one of our work pods. Escape the office and get closer to nature. It really is good for you.

Talk to us

Whether you want to hire our spaces to deliver your own training activities or participate in our organised sessions, we want to start a conversation with you.


Fruit Routes offers individuals, graduates and corporate volunteering opportunities.

Each of these offer tangible and measurable community involvement.

Volunteers can gain new practical skills, reduce their stress levels and get involved with some great team building exercises.

Sponsor or donate

There are many ways you can sponsor us or make a donation. Everything helps.

You can sponsor a sign, a planter, a single tree or even an entire orchard.

You can help us to buy land to plant new orchards or also to buy existing ones so they can be protected from urban development.

CSR Opportunities

Fruit Routes can be a great way for businesses to indulge in CSR.

By using the project as part of a corporate team building exercise and reaping the benefits of it as well as helping local regeneration.

Businesses can donate staff time for fence building, orchard creation and maintenance.