Tree Surgery at Lyndale Orchard

North West Tree Care removes dangerous trees at Lyndale Orchard

Two trees which had been neglected for over thirty years and were in danger of collapse in high winds were made safe thanks to the expertise and swift action of North West Tree Care.

A huge willow which was overhanging from a garden backing onto Lyndale orchard and had grown substantially into the orchard grounds was the biggest threat. It took North West Tree Care two hours to reduce it in size using their high powered chain saws. Eventually, after careful attention it was made safe.

School orchards and edible playgrounds

Birkenhead High School Collect Trees from Fruit Routes for their School Orchard

Teachers from across Wirral and Liverpool collected fruit trees from Fruit Routes so they can help pupils to create orchards and edible playgrounds in their schools. The aim is to teach young people how food is grown and about healthy eating whilst encouraging them to enjoy nature and get active outdoors.

Schools from across the north West had made applications over a year before collecting their maiden saplings.

Orchard for Tam O Shanter Farm

Fruit Routes creates a heritage apple orchard at Tam O Shanter Farm

A heritage apple orchard has been created at Tam O Shanter Urban Farm in Wirral. The trees were donated by Fruit Routes in Birkenhead as part of their campaign to create orchards and fruit picking trails in urban areas so children understand more about where food comes from.

Tam O Shanter urban farm is a popular attraction and hundreds of families, animal and nature lovers visit the farm on a regular basis. It is also regularly used by schools as part of their educational activities.