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Fruit Routes Lyndale Orchard in Eastham

Fruit Routes Lyndale Orchard in Eastham

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Hidden away behind houses in Lyndale Avenue, Eastham, Wirral, is a large parcel of land which was derelict and being used by fly tippers as a dumping ground. It was a magnet for anti-social behaviour and other problems for the community.

Working closely with Magenta Housing Association, local residents, businesses and community groups, Fruit Routes have taken it over with the goal of creating a fruit tree nursery, heritage orchard, and pop up events space.

There is always something to get involved in regardless of the time of year. With lots of help, we are turning it into a pleasant community orchard which can be adapted for many different uses.

We aim to create a safe community space for children to learn and play, an eating area and kiosks for local artisans and entrepreneurs to use. We want it to be an outdoor classroom and flexible multi-purpose space.

All of this needs to be built then maintained so there are always opportunities to get involved and always plenty to do.

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As an ongoing ten year project, Lyndale orchard has improved considerably already having benefited from numerous volunteers as well as corporate sponsorship.

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We have been lucky enough to partner up with companies and sponsors including Tesco, O2, Magenta Living, Barclays, HSBC and more

Would you like to contribute as a volunteer or as part of your CSR?

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