about fruit routes

Fruit Routes creates heritage orchards and micro brewery growing spaces. We work within communities to plant, manage and restore heritage orchards and urban fruit picking trails.

We encourage individuals, schools, companies and housing associations to get involved in planting, preserving and celebrating orchards and edible spaces.

We facilitate training, CSR activities and events which help towards self development, team building and community involvement. We aim to improve mental health and well being.

Our orchards provide green spaces and help bring communities together with local events and activities. Fruit Routes encourages healthier lifestyles and family togetherness.

about us

Fruit Routes was founded in 2012 as a project of Wiser Solutions Ltd to create community orchards and celebrate heritage fruit growing. It was initially funded by the Forestry Commission Big Tree Plant and later by corporate sponsors and donations.

When Wiser Solutions closed in 2018, Fruit Routes was taken over by Everything Social Enterprise Ltd.

Fruit Routes helps communities develop skills to plant, grow and care for heritage fruit trees and orchards

We aim to stimulate local regeneration and investment by improving the quality of the local environment.

Our goal is to promote healthier lifestyles, improve family togetherness and green up housing estates and urban areas

What is Fruit Routes?

Fruit Routes takes on areas of previously neglected land in the local community and turns them into community orchards, providing the opportunity for fruit picking with the added benefit of an aesthetically pleasing and free public amenity.

Every orchard we create has a fruit tree nursery where we graft and grow heritage fruit trees which are later planted in schools and the local community. 

Who is Fruit Routes for?

Fruit Routes can benefit a wide variety of people. In particular we are focused on helping:

  • those on restricted incomes;
  • those in urban areas;
  • school children and those with special educational needs;
  • adults and young people with mental health issues;
  • those with low confidence, autism or similar;
  • those with an interest in gardening;
  • companies looking for CSR opportunities;

The above list is an example and there are many other individuals, groups and organisations who can benefit from Fruit Routes.

What are Fruit Routes Current Projects?

  • Glass Barrel Garden - an award winning community garden;
  • EKG Orchard - by the historic Birkenhead Park;
  • School Orchards across the North West and North Wales;
  • Lyndale orchard - our flagship development in Eastham;

We are also working alongside organisations in the public, private and not for profit sectors to develop innovative solutions which help solve social, educational and public health issues.

We seek to find creative ways to make use of our spaces and help people feel healthier, reduce stress and reconnect with nature.